One way you can do to control your mind to be more refreshed is by taking a vacation . There are various kinds of vacation options to choose from. In addition to visiting cities in Indonesia, you can also try to travel abroad.

Saving Traveling Tips Abroad


But usually a holiday abroad is not as easy as you think, especially if the Rupiah exchange rate is weakening. Surely you must find a way to overcome this. It is undeniable that the weakening of the Rupiah will make you spend more.
And have to think about several times to decide on traveling abroad. Wait a minute! You don’t need to worry about that. Rupiah weakening? Here are tips on saving trips abroad that you can apply. If you have enough budget to travel abroad, this can be the best choice because with a holiday abroad your insight will also increase.
What’s more you will also see the habits of the inhabitants of the country so that it will indirectly teach you to think openly. Immediately, refer to the review below For those of you who will travel abroad when the Rupiah weakens.

1. Change your traveling goals

If you have planned traveling abroad such as to Europe or to America or other countries that use the dollar, then don’t hesitate to change your traveling destination, especially when the Rupiah weakens.
When doing a weakening rupiah then surely your expenses abroad, especially in developed countries will also increase and this is what will actually make you experience sagging yourself and even run out of savings to finance your life while in the country.

2. Select developing countries

Vacation to Europe or America is indeed a special attraction for some people of Indonesia, but if the Central Rupiah exchange rate weakens, it will actually make it difficult for you to get to the country. Moreover, you only have mediocre funds, it is not possible, you will actually run out money while in the country.
But you can still take a vacation abroad by choosing a destination for traveling to developing countries. Developing countries in Asia that you can visit such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and other developing countries can be the best choice. Because the fact that developing countries are also no less interesting than developed countries. Indirectly you can also save on expenses.

3. Look for developed countries where the Middle currency is weakening

For those of you who still want a vacation to a developed country like the one in Europe, you can still do that by choosing a vacation destination in a developed country where the country’s currency is weakening against the dollar. It turns out that not all countries in Europe have currencies that always evaporate against the dollar.
There are also several countries in Europe that often experience weakening currencies such as Sweden, Hungary and others. This is where you have to be more diligent to find information related to the country’s currency. Is it weakening or is it strengthening?

4. Looking for promo tickets

Another thing you can deal with to get cheap costs for an overseas vacation when the Rupiah weakens is to look for promo flight tickets. There are many ways to have plane tickets at affordable prices abroad, although the Central Rupiah has decreased.
You can visit the airline ticket sales site or visit the travel fair that is held directly. Looking for flight ticket promos on ticket sales sites is one of the favorite ways for most people. In addition, you can also compare flight ticket sales sites or official airline sites to get plane tickets at an affordable price.

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5. Always follow the latest exchange rate developments

The next way you can do is to keep abreast of the latest exchange rates. It turns out that following the movement of the exchange rate provides many benefits for you, especially for those of you who will plan a vacation abroad.
By following this exchange rate movement you can determine your vacation plans abroad with the right decision. In addition, you can also always follow the economic news updates from home and abroad.
That is nothing but to get the latest information that will affect your vacation plans abroad. So from now on, it’s more diligent to update the news about the economy.

6. Choose cheap accommodations

Besides choosing promo flight tickets, you can also decide to choose cheap accommodations. The hotel is one of the accommodation options that will provide its own comfort but these facilities will also require you to pay a fairly high cost.
Moreover, if you are on holiday alone, you will bear the cost of the hotel alone. Another option for getting cheap accommodations is to choose hostle type accommodations. Hostel travelers are no stranger to their ears. That is none other than because of this one accommodation you can rent at a fairly affordable cost. But the level of comfort will be a little lacking because you will be in the room with other travelers.

7. Using a credit card

If you have a credit card then you can use the credit card for your traveling plans abroad. That is none other than because credit cards do offer a variety of interesting facilities that can be utilized by their owners.
These facilities include facilities for flights such as promo flight ticket purchases and overseas transactions so when you travel to a city abroad, don’t hesitate to use the credit card to save on expenses.

8. Bring cash

When you choose to take a vacation abroad, make sure you have the country’s currency to hold on to while you are in the country. Having a country’s currency will make it easier for you to make transactions. But it is better to exchange Rupiah to the destination country’s currency sufficiently.
In addition, you can also look for a currency exchange that offers a fairly affordable price.

9. Don’t choose expensive restaurants

If you are a traveler with a mediocre budget then do not ever glance at expensive restaurants to fill your stomach. Deciding to eat expensive restaurants will certainly require you to pay higher fees too.
There are a variety of choices for those of you who want to stay on an economical vacation abroad, by choosing where to eat where it’s not an expensive restaurant. Abroad, there are also street vendors like those found in Indonesia.
Now you do not need to worry anymore for traveling abroad with tips on traveling abroad economically above despite the weakening Rupiah exchange rate.


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