Traveling is really fun, maybe for those of you who usually travel in Indonesia, you only carry ordinary equipment, even if you forget to bring equipment, you can still pick up the goods or ask a friend to send the items you need, so if you travel around the country, it will be really complicated, right? guys, if there is equipment that I forgot to return, how about wasting money buying tickets again hehhe … what is on your vacation is hindered, this time I will share 10 Tips for Traveling the First Time Abroad You must read for a novice traveler, here are 10 Tips Traveling First Time Abroad Must Read:


1. Bring Full Documents

The most important thing is that you carry complete documents, which are KTP, Passport, Visa, and other complete documents to make it easier for you when you are abroad. This ID card is just in case when you want to check in for domestic flights, while this passport is for those of you who want to travel far abroad, don’t forget, guys, for other documents, make sure to bring your insurance card because this is needed when things happen undesirable when you are traveling.

Before the ticket bell make sure you have made a passport 3 months before leaving so that it is not tight and make sure to make a visa to make it easy for you to shop.

2. Exchange Money

for those of you who want to travel far make sure you have exchanged your rupiah at the local Money Changer before leaving for abroad, do not exchange money when at the airport because it is more expensive. For example you want to go to Singapore then bring dollars and if you want to Malaysia then exchange rupiah with Ringgit or Singapore dollars. don’t forget guys !!!

3. Make Intinerary Details before Traveling

This is very important for those of you who want to travel, because this makes it very easy for you when you are abroad, before traveling you must know what hotel is right for you, what tourist attractions you must visit while there, what trains you have to ride while you are there, and make sure you read some articles from the backpaker available on google and the Gotravelly guys website, there are lots of backpaker explanations that have explored the beauty of overseas travel, what cheap lodging, what transportation can you use while there, and of course what cool tours you must visit while in the country.

4. Buy Tickets Ahead

why did I say buy tickets in advance? this is very important so that you can look for promo tickets that make your budged cheaper and certainly saving guys !!! well, if I usually buy tickets 6 months before leaving because far in advance I can get cheap promos and within 6 months I can set the right time for a vacation.

5. Book a hotel from Indonesia before taking a vacation

This is also important for you guys who want to travel abroad, so that you don’t have trouble finding lodging when you are there, we don’t really know the way and what hotel information is there. Well imagine when in the country people are looking for lodging on mobile phones and the internet is slow or the quota package is finished ??? huh can be very confused guys. then order a hotel from Indonesia so that when you reach the airport you can go directly to the hotel that you ordered. This little thing is very important for your traveling fun !!!

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6. Activate Cellphone Number

Activating this cellphone number is very important because you are in a foreign country, always communicating with the closest people providing information to them if you are okay. this is done so that when things happen that are not desirable, family or the closest people can help you guys.

7. Bring sufficient goods

With enough luggage to make your traveling fun, because you do not need to carry lots of things when heading to the airport, bring it to the hotel, or move around the hotel, so carrying enough goods makes you easy, not too complicated to carry lots of things and heavy guys.

When traveling, the things you need to bring are clothes, toiletries, cosmetics, personal medicines, shoes, sandals, enough accessories, and other equipment that you need when traveling.

8. Know Information in Your Destination Country

Before traveling you have been looking for weather information there with you knowing the weather you can bring equipment for example winter then you will bring thick clothes such as jackets, shoes, gloves, and if it is summer you can bring thin T-shirts, sandals and hats. In addition to the weather you also have to learn how habits and rules should not be broken in your destination country.

9. Learning and Understanding English

English is very necessary because this language is an international language that makes it easy for you to communicate while in your local country. if you can not really and understand, then bring a small dictionary book that is usually used for daily conversation. Besides you can bring a dictionary book, you can also bring a cellphone with the translate guys application. in my opinion being able to speak English is very important besides you can communicate with the surrounding community, you can find out their traditions by interacting with them, of course this is fun right?

10. Search for free tourist attractions

There is no harm in it right when you guys are in the country we are looking for what tours are free there besides you can go for a walk, you can also get new experiences when you are abroad and certainly make your traveling enjoyable while still saving.

Want to have fun traveling, so use my tips and tricks above, guys, hopefully the 10 tips for traveling abroad for the first time are useful for you. Good luck!!!


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